Social media influencers generate money through views and followers. So, it is in their best interest to keep people talking about them in order. While some achieve this by engaging content and successful ventures, there are those that stay on the limelight by being controversial like these figures:

Belle Delphine

A gamer and cosplayer based in the United Kingdom. Belle Delphine is known for her highly provocative Instagram accounts and sexualized costumes. But what she is most well known for is for her Ahegao face, the money-shot for hentai anime and manga. She skyrocketed to fame when she posted a clip of her doing the face back in September 2018. 

On the 1st of July 2019 though, Belle Delphine soared to new levels of infamy when she launched her own online store. One of her merchandise is the “GamerGirl Bath Water”. Yes, it’s water she claims to have bathed in which she has priced at $30. To make matters more absurd, there are fans who actually purchased from her site. 

While this money-making stunt can be considered admirable for she knows what sells to her demographic, tons of YouTube content creators and other Twitch streamers are none too pleased as hoards of “thirsty gamers” (as she referred to them) have gone on to harass other female gamers on different platforms.

Daniel Cohn

A 15-year-old (speculated to be actually aged 12) Daniel Cohn has been in the spotlight for a while. Her YouTube channel, which is managed primarily by her mom/manager, is littered with mature content and cringe-worthy videos that exploit the teenager. She has posted click-bait titles such as “Our First Time” which had a thumbnail of her and her boyfriend, Mikey Tua (who is 2 years older than her), kissing on the bed. There are also videos on her channel wherein she parades in different skimpy outfits to get a rise out of her “protective boyfriend”. Her social media accounts are not so far off too as they are full of provocative and badly photoshopped images of her. 

But what makes Daniel Cohn really controversial at the moment is her relationship with her boyfriend. Not only did they fake a teenage pregnancy and child-marriage scenario to garner views, but her boyfriend is also potentially facing legal trouble for dating her. Mikey’s parents have announced that they have forbidden Mikey from using social media to protect him and are no longer supportive of his exploitative relationship with a minor. However, Mikey went on to file for emancipation which, according to Daniel Cohn, is due to the fact that they are “making him do things” and treating him “like an investment, so they can make money off of them.” She goes on to rant some more on social media, the irony of the accusation with Daniel Cohn being practically sold on the internet by her own mother, seemingly to be lost on her.

Jaclyn Hill

A former Beauty Guru queen on YouTube, Jaclyn Hill has fallen very far from grace the past few years. She now has 2 failed brand launches for her make up. The first one was in July of 2019 wherein she released the Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Vault (a collaborative project with the Make-Up brand, Morphe) which garnered a lot of negative online reviews. Users have come out saying that the formula is not consistent and that some seem to have been recycled from previous Morphe launches. Her response? The factory was to blame since her formula was “bomb” and that they simply failed to process them.

Then in May of 2019, she announced she will be releasing a lipstick collection as part of her official standalone brand, Jacyln. What’s supposed to be a celebration quickly turned to a great disappointment though as customers started getting their orders. There have been numerous reports of finding fibers, metals, and weird black spots on the lipsticks. There are also people who claim to have had extreme allergic reactions and sustained skin damage from using the product. Her response? The same thing she said before, the factory was to blame, again.

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