Bed bugs are small and flat bodied pests lurking in most mattresses, couches, and carpet. They’re tiny but terribly quick to reproduce and become a serious infestation. So, if you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, call the professionals immediately.

If you don’t, you may suffer from these 5 serious health risks:


A problem commonly faced with having bed bugs is sleep deprivation. When we go to bed, the ideal state is being relaxed and comfortable. That’s incredibly difficult to achieve when you have loads of bed bugs crawling all over your bed. Just the very idea that they’re there makes you uncomfortable. Add the fact that they bite, feast on you throughout the night, and make you itchy in every place makes falling asleep all the more impossible. This could rob you of a good night’s rest, cause you to develop insomnia, and even lead to more serious health problems.


Bed bugs are a terror to have. They bite, they damage property, their population is hard to control, and they can cause you a lot of stress which, as studies have shown, is not good for the body in the long run. Stress is actually one of the serious health risks of today’s word. It not only causes premature aging, but it’s also negative effects on mental health can cause your body to develop serious physical issues.


Stress and insomnia isn’t the only way bed bugs attack our mental state. Based on reports, people who live or have lived in homes infested with bed bugs have developed other mental health issues such as anxiety and even depression.


According to studies, bed bugs are not known carriers of diseases the same way mosquitoes, flies, and rats are. So, even when they pierce your skin and come into direct contact with your blood, it’s unlikely for you to catch anything from them. However, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely harmless. Their bites are itchy and open which means they’re hard not to scratch. But if you do, you risk causing the bites to open up more. In that case, they become more prone to infection (e.g. ecthyma, lymphangitis, and impetigo), potentially cause scarring, and may also develop into skin rashes.


They may not be known for carrying diseases, but bed bugs can still trigger a variety of allergic reactions. It can range from mild reaction such as itching, swelling, or reddening of the skin. But there are cases, however rare, which have reported anaphylaxis which is a severe whole-body reaction wherein the patient is unable to properly breathe and requires immediate medical attention.

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