BreatheGreen Mite Fighter:

Fast and Natural Way of Eliminating Mites

Eliminate Mites using a Fast and Natural Way

with BreatheGreen Mite Fighter

Cleaning everything in your house can be a drag, but it is important to do so to extend an item’s lifespan. A lot of furniture and equipment need to be regularly cleaned while some do not. The mattress you sleep on is a house item that can go on without months of deep cleaning. Even though it does not require daily maintaining, it still requires the attention that it deserves.

Over time, mattresses accumulate dead skin, body oils, sweat, dirt, germs, and more. This makes it a perfect site where dust mites can thrive. The dust mites survive by feeding on the accumulation of substances on the mattress, and if left unmaintained, these mites can multiply to the thousands.

These microscopic mites can be found all over your bed. They can stay in your mattress, sheets, pillows, comforters, everywhere. They can also be found in your sofas and cushion chairs. Dust mites can be the reason behind itching, rashes, coughing, sneezing, and acne.  
Getting your mattress, pillows, sofas, chair, and whatnot professionally cleaned is no easy task. Luckily we have the best and quickest solution for you. An instant fix that could help you rid your homes from dust mites is finally on the market. Introducing the new BreatheGreen Mite Fighter, the natural way of eliminating dust mites. It is a small packet of herbs and oil that makes dust mites go away.

What is BreatheGreen Mite Fighter?

We spend quite a majority of our time in bed. Which is why it is only important to keep it maintained and cleaned. If we do not give our beds the attention that it needs, the buildup of dead skin, oils, sweat, and other substances could get out of hand. This could result in a huge infestation of dust mites that the naked eye could not even see.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is the newest dust mite eliminating product in the market. It is a sachet that contains herbs and oils that kills dust mites and keeps them away. This way you do not need to use cleaning aids such as pesticides that contain harmful chemicals just to get rid of these tiny bugs.

The new BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is just a small packet that resembles the appearance of a tea bag. You can put it basically anywhere. You can place it under your mattress, your pillows, in between the duvet covers, anywhere in your bed. You can also insert them between the crevices of your sofa and cushion chairs. What’s great about BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is that it is the simplest yet very effective way of eliminating dust mites. It is natural and quick which makes it the best product to solve this problem.

How does BreatheGreen Mite Fighter work?

The creators behind BreatheGreen Mite Fighter wanted to devise a way to eliminate dust mites by the simplest yet most effective way possible. Using pesticides and other cleaning aids containing chemicals may be effective in exterminating these dust mites, but they may pose threats to our health. This method does not entirely solve the problem, rather it adds another issue. Which is why they have created BreatheGreen Mite Fighter, a natural product that eliminates dust mites away.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is a small sachet that you place on the affected area. Usually, these areas are your beds, sofas, cushioned chairs, and any surface that might have a buildup of flaky dead skin. Dust mites feed off of dead skin which is why these areas are the perfect thriving places for them. The sachets contain natural substances in them namely citronella oil, lemon eucalyptus essence, and mixed herbal extracts.

No harmful chemicals are added to these sachets so you are guaranteed that they are safe. The natural substances in the sachets work as a bug killer and repellent which fight the dust mites away. Within 72 hours, you can experience a change in your sleeping experience. No more coughing, sneezing, and itching. Even though the BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is just a small packet of herbs and oil, the creators made sure that it would pack a punch. What are you waiting for? Grab a pack of the new BreatheGreen Mite Fighter and rid your homes from horrid dust mites!


The BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is only a small sachet of herbs and oil that can be placed and concealed easily in the affected areas of your home.
These small sachets do not contain any harmful chemicals so you are guaranteed that they would not pose any negative health effects on your body. These are 100% safe and natural.
The sachets are made from woven polyester which is a great material that keeps the herbs and oil in place. It also does not absorb moisture and is hypo-allergenic.
When you buy a packet of BreatheGreen Mite Fighter, you get 2 sachets included in the package. 2 sachets are included for optimal dust mite extermination.


Place the BreatheGreen Mite Fighter on the areas of your house that needs extermination (bed, pillows, sofas, etc.)
Expect to have a difference within 72 hours. You should experience less coughing, sneezing, and itching.
 To keep the affected areas maintained, replace the sachets after 60 days to keep dust mites away.


The new BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is the newest dust mite eliminating technology there is on the market. It is also the best and safest way of eliminating dust mites because it does not use any harmful chemicals to do so.

Dust mites are a pest. They are tiny translucent bugs that infest your beds, pillows, sofas, and more. If left unchecked, these mites can multiply to the thousands and cause serious health effects to you and your families. Some of the most obvious effects of dust mites are coughing, sneezing, itching, and rashes. These mites can also affect you aesthetically as they can cause acne.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is only a small sachet of herbs and oil that can help you rid your home of dust mites completely. You simply place the sachets in the affected area. They can be easily concealed so it does not bother you when you are sleeping. After 72 hours you can expect to have a drastic change in your sleeping experience. The sachets have probably worked their magic and eliminated the dust mites by then. To keep these areas mite-free, replace the sachets every 60 days. Even though the BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is only a small sachet, it lasts long and is very effective. It is nature’s way of eliminating horrid pests. It is an all-natural, quick, and the most efficient way of keeping your home dust mite free.

What Do BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Users Say?

“These sachets really do work. At first, I thought how could these small packets of herbs kill bugs. I gave it a try and now I am happier than ever.”

Nina Yang

Back then I would use pesticides to kill bugs on my bed and then clean it thoroughly to get rid of the chemicals. Thanks to BreatheGreen Mite Fighter, killing bugs has never been easier.

George Richards

I placed an order a few days ago and got the package quickly. I am quite satisfied with the effects of this product.

Isabel James

“What I love about these mite fighters is that they are so simple to use. You just place them in the areas you want and then leave them to do their job. Works great!”


 I am always worried about my kids because they have sensitive skin. They might get rashes at night which is why I bought a few packets of these mite fighters. Now I don’t have to be worried because I know they are safe.

Shea Williams

“I have been searching for alternatives that could prevent dust mites in my home and this came up. I’ve bought a pack and have been using it for a while. It definitely works”

Jerry Wang


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can it be placed in any area of my house?
Yes. it can be placed in any area of your house.
2. Can it be placed inside my car?
Yes. it can be placed in any car.
3. Does it need to be cleaned?
The sachets do not need to be cleaned.
4. Does it contain any chemicals?
The BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is 100% natural. It does not contain any chemicals.
5. Can I place multiple sachets in an area?
Yes. You may place multiple sachets in an area.
6. Is it safe for pets?
No, LiveWave can convert standard wires into antennas and receive broadcast signals on its own.
7. What is the sachet made of?
The sachet itself is made from non-absorbent polyester.
8. Where can I order one?
You can place an order on our checkout page –
9. How long until I see the effects?
Expect to see a difference within 72 hours.
10. How long can I use these sachets?
The sachets can be used for 60 days. After that period, it must be replaced to keep the dust mites away.

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